Marketing & Sustainability Manager

Our M Food Co. team will have a manager devoted to Marketing & Sustainability, who will specialize in innovative and creative approaches to sustainability initiatives and events.

We support the fair treatment of farm workers. As a company, we have removed over 4.3 million straws. We have purchased over 46 million pounds of local produce.

Sustainable Seafood

The commercial seafood industry can have a negative impact on the health of our oceans. Chartwells as a company is dedicated to following the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program guidelines. This ensures that we’re only purchasing high-quality and sustainable seafood. ‌ ‌

Choose reusable when dining, Seafood watch partners for over 15 years, small acts - big impact.

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Our team will make a conscious effort to recycle when possible. All of our cardboard from each unit is recycled instead of thrown away. We ensure that there is a recycling option for our guests to use at all of our locations. This is something that is kept in mind when purchasing products. We do our best to choose items made from materials that can be recycled. ‌ ‌ ‌

Little changes add up - skip the straw, bring your own reusable mug, use a plate when dining-in.

Waste Not

Chartwells has created the Waste Not program to measure the amount of food waste being generated. The amount of food waste will be measured in our units every day, so that we can get a clear picture of how much is being thrown away. From there, we try to find solutions to reduce this amount. This means training our staff to use as much of the fruits or vegetables as possible, and finding ways to use scraps that would normally be thrown away. Monitoring and evaluating our food waste not only helps us be more sustainable, but it reduces our food cost too. ‌ ‌ ‌

We have committed to reducing food waste. We partner with food banks to ensure food doesn't go to waste.

Stop Food Waste Day

This event will be one of several sustainability-centered events celebrated on our marketing calendar.

OZZI Reusable To-Go Containers

More information on OZZI To-Go Containers is available on our To-Go page