Balanced U

Our dining halls will use a Chartwells system called Balanced U to label items that fit certain wellness criteria. Each of the marked items are entered into MenuWorks and then reviewed by our dietitian and chefs. If you’re following a specific diet like vegetarian or are avoiding gluten be on the lookout for these symbols. Items that fit into one of these categories are marked in the dining halls, but this information will also be found on the menus on our Dine On Campus app and website.

Balanced U Icons

Healthy Eating Initiative

A comprehensive, consolidated source of foods that meet the Balanced U criteria will be provided for all locations on campus, focusing on the retail locations. This resource will provide students with a one-stop-shop for healthy eating information, all over campus. Additionally, this source will provide basic allergen information, such as for gluten-free foods.

Commitment to Vegan and Vegetarian Foods

By contract, we are dedicated to providing a large percentage of vegan and vegetarian options in our dining halls.

Food Allergy Management

Are you a current student with a meal plan and have a food allergy? Let us help you! By logging into your account on Dine on Campus and entering your information, you will alert our management staff to your food allergy needs. A Don’t Be Shy card will be available for your mobile phone, or print one out to keep on hand. When you come into one of our dining halls, show an associate your card for personalized service.

We take food allergy management very seriously. You rely on good health to attend class and keep up your social life. Using our Don’t Be Shy tool, we will help you navigate the safest options within our dining operations and prepare meals for you individually by trained associates with food allergy management knowledge, in spaces dedicated to food allergy prep. Our management, culinary staff and allergen handling associates all complete FARE Certified food allergen training through Compass Group, along with additional specific food allergy training for cross contamination and meal prep. All associates in all areas of campus receive basic food allergy training. Some of our team members also complete additional training as required by State and local laws.

Feel Good Foods

The Feel Good Foods program is aimed at highlighting key nutrient-dense foods available within our dining facilities each month. These foods help us to feel our healthiest by supporting our physical and/or mental health. Keep an eye out for events like Teaching Kitchens that highlight the Feel Good Food of the month.

Campus Dietitian

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Amy's Background

Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota in 2016. She completed her Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Science and her dietetic internship from South Dakota State University in 2019. Prior to joining the dining service at the University of Minnesota, she worked as a clinical dietitian in a hospital setting. Please contact her with any questions or concerns, or if you would like to schedule a one-on-one appointment.